Installing HP Deskjet 820Cxi in Slackware 64 14.2

by Luan

Posted on 7 March 2021, 22:06

In this article I describe the steps which I followed to make this printer work in Slackware Linux.


This printer needs a program called pnm2ppa to work. This program is used as filter to convert commands to PPA protocol.
More details about this project can be found in this page

To install the pnm2ppa the following steps should be followed:

  • Download newest version of pnm2ppa in sourceforge;
  • Decompress the tar.gz file:
$ tar -zxvf pnm2ppa-1.13.tar.gz
$ cd pnm2ppa-1.13
$ ./configure
$ make
# make install

By default pnm2ppa is installed in prefix /usr/local/ and the following command can be used to make pnm2ppa acessible:

# ln -s /usr/local/bin/pnm2ppa /usr/bin


The printer can be installed in CUPS interface using the .ppd file:

The installation follow default procedure of installing a ppd printer in cups.


pnm2ppa uses a configuration file (/usr/local/etc/pnm2ppa.conf) to control how the printer works.
In my printer the color drops were too much intense in default configuration – Prints came too wet. To deal with this I uncommented and edited the lines of Gamma values, as shown below.

# You can specify Gamma values as a decimal number for each primary color

GammaR 0.2      # red enhancement
GammaG 0.2      # green enhancement
GammaB 0.2      # blue enhancement



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